Johnston Environmental specializes in septic tank pumping and cleaning.  During the normal, healthy operation of your septic tank, solids and grease accumulate.  Too much accumulation leads to the passage of solids and grease down the line to the leach field drains and/or to a plumbing blockage in your house/facility.  Typical households with typical size septic tanks (1000 gallons) should be pumped every three years to better ensure longevity and system performance.  Get your septic tank pumped and cleaned every three years!  Call 828-989-6785


Pipeline Jetting

We can jet it! In addition to septic tank pumping, our septic pumper truck is equipped with a pipeline jetter.  If you’re having a flow problem, we can jet the lines and remove the fluids and contaminants from the site.  Make sure you consider this option before replacing that drainfield.